SyncTERM Home Page

SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program which supports:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Windows 7, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X , and FreeBSD
X/Y/ZModem up/downloads
Runs in full-screen mode on ALL platforms (ALT-Enter switches modes)
*nix versions will run using SDL, X11, or using curses
Full ANSI-BBS support
Full CGTerm Commodore 64 PETSCII support
Full Atari 8-bit ATASCII support
DoorWay support
Support for IBM low and high ASCII including the face graphics (☺ and ☻) and card symbols (♥, ♦, ♣, and ♠) which so many other terms have problems with (may not work in curses mode… depends on the terminal being used).
Phone books
Multiple screen modes (80×25, 80×28, 80×43, 80×50, 80×60, 132×25, 132×28, 132×30, 132×34, 132×43, 132×50, 132×60)
ANSI Music (through the sound card if installed)
Telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, modem, and direct serial connections
Auto-login with Synchronet RLogin
Large Scrollback
Mouse-driven menus
Supports character pacing for ANSI animation as well as the VT500 ESC[*r sequence to allow dynamic speed changes
Comes with 37 standard fonts and allows the BBS to change the current font *and* upload custom fonts. This tool will allow you to create fonts for use with SyncTERM.
Supports Operation Overkill ][ Terminal emulation
via SyncTERM Home Page.

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