The Citrus Lens

Sunshine state plate

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The Citrus Lens.

Welcome to The Citrus Lens. An inside look into my photographic journeys around the sunshine state.
On the HOME page you can find my articles on interesting things and places in Florida. In each article is a photo that you can purchase as a print or download digitally from my online store.
The ABOUT ME page is a short bit of info on my origins, where I have been and how I ended up blogging.
Find out about the hardware and software I use on a regular basis to create the photo-art in my postings on the MY GEAR page.
The BLOG TECH page is where you can find info on what makes this website tick and how it is intertwined with the web.


About Tom Huff

Just a good ol boy :)
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1 Response to The Citrus Lens

  1. Tom Huff says:

    Very nice looking site!
    Cant wait for more!

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