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Cheepware is my line of freeware BBS doors and sysop utilities that I’ve been developing since 1998. The DOS programs are written using Turbo Pascal 7 (RTE200 and Y2K safe). The Win32 and OS/2 programs are written using Virtual Pascal.

CheepEDIT is a joint effort between Shawn Highfield and myself. Shawn does all the coding and I do all of the documentation, public relations, hatching out new versions via my filebones and other sundry duties, to include tech support. We are currently working on getting the 16-bit DOS version of CheepEDIT out and we’d like to eventually get Win32 and OS/2 native versions released.

BBS Doors

The doors:

use the excellent FKFOSSIL doorkit by Tim Strike;

are developed using Turbo Pascal 7 for speed and efficency (RTE 200 patched and Y2K compliant);

support DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF drop files as well as local logon (with or without a BBS);

are DOS, DesqView, Windows and OS/2 multitasker friendly;

use standard “pipe” or Telegard-style color codes for customization;

have a very simple one-line setup for use with your BBS (no gigantic CTL files!).

The minimum requirements to run my doors are:

a BBS that can support 16-bit DOS doors;

a DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF dropfile;

a FOSSIL driver;

the user must have ANSI support (the doors have their own internal ANSI driver) enabled.

Attitude Assessment v2.2Attitude Assessment is a simple personality test (ten questions) that is fun to read and will let you see what other people might think about you.

Augury v1.0Augury is a tarot card reader for your BBS. It uses a “four-card Celtic Cross” layout and can be modified for your tastes.

NOTE: This door is an old version, written in QuickBASIC, and needs to be updated. It also has a different setup than the rest of my doors.

Chinese Zodiac v4.2Now you can see what sign you are in the Chinese Zodiac as well as other famous people that share your sign.

Dr. Seuss Purity Test v1.4Just how “pure” are you? This is an adult-oriented “purity test”. Fun and rather revealing.

FreeLiner v1.4A simple and easy-to-use “graffiti wall” for your BBS. Features custom color codes for your users and up to ten “one-liners” displayed at once.

NOTE: This door, while being similar to my newer doors, does not properly support multinode usage. It’s due for a rewrite.

New Year’s Resolution MakerHaving problems making your New Year’s resolutions? This fun door can help you make resolutions you can keep! NOTE: I’ve lost the source to this door and as such it is no longer supported.

Obama Freedom v1.0This door counts down the days until January 20, 2013, which will #hopefully# be the day America will be free from Obama and his cronies. This is guaranteed to offend liberal sensitivities.

The Magic Oracle v12.0Have questions about life that you just can’t%

via A Little Corner of Cyberspace: Cheepware™.

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