Roughneck BBS – An Arizona BBS – Prescott Valley, Az

This week I will be putting the Roughneck BBS in the spotlight!

Online since: 02/02/02
Operator: Tracker1
Nodes: 25, Users: 618, Doors: 30
Download: 20 files in 1 directories of 1000MB total space
Messages: 5000 messages in 50 sub-boards
Networks: dove [] and zero []
Terminal: Web/HTML and ANSi

Windows SyncTERM Installer For those of you who would like a simple way to get syncterm installed in windows, I have created an installer for it, you can download the windows setup file. This will give you the option of setting it to your default telnet handler. Once you are done, you can telnet to Roughneck BBS, and play all the classic bbs door games
You can download the latest SyncTERM for Windows installer at this site.

Welcome to the Roughneck BBS website, you can view the oneliners, who’s on, last callers, and userlist from this site.. the oneliners are below. More features are going to be added over the next few weeks, until the website is fully interactive with the telnet bbs.

This BBS/Site is for anyone, but is targetted to Users of Arizona BBS Systems from back when. For those searching for friends from Arizona BBSes.

RoughNeck BBS Intro

All Doors

code name
foodfite Food Fight!
knk Kannons and Katapults
tbd The Beast’s Domain
l10cla_2 Clans
oo2 Operation Overkill ][
fe_jas Falcon’s Eye
amb4 Ambroshia
lord Lord
lore LORE
lunatix Lunatix
doormud DoorMUD
mm_ghett MajorMUD (Ghetto BBS)
pimpwars Pimp Wars
usurper Usurper
sbj Blackjack
dpoker Poker
teos T.E.O.S.
tw_crazy Tradewars (Crazy World)
sq2112 Space Quest 2112
ultimate Ultimate Universe
ircjs Synchronet IRC Client
irc MannIRC (prefered)
sbl BBS List
smm Match Maker
1liner Oneliners

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Just a good ol boy :)
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6 Responses to Roughneck BBS – An Arizona BBS – Prescott Valley, Az

  1. Jahmas says:

    Hey, your bbs is down and I am so depressed that I can’t play LORD

  2. Jahmas says:

    Looks like the bbs is down again 😦

  3. Jahmas says:

    great board though

  4. The reason for this is because most of the clubs I owned in the past had never lasted long enough for me to fully enjoy them.

  5. Just like a moth to a light.

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