Shenk’s Express – Virginia Beach, VA

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This weekend I will be putting the Shenk’s Express BBS in the spotlight as a
Saturday Night Special!    

Shenk’s Express    

Online since: 01/01/10    

Operator: Carol Shenkenberger    

Nodes: 4, Users: 100, Doors: 5    

Download: 250 files in 5 directories of 40MB total space    

Messages: 500 messages in 10 sub-boards    

Terminal: ANSI    

telnet:// Virginia Beach, VA    

I receive my Fidonet feed from Carol at Shenk’s Express BBS for Tommys’ World BBS.
If you need a Fidonet feed for your BBS, I would have to recommend Carol’s BBS
She helped me get my Fidonet Node number and held my hand all the way though the setup.
Thanks bunches Carol!    

Shenk's Express BBS

Shenk's Express BBS




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