Space Station II BBS – Worcester, MA

This week I will be putting the Space Station BBS in the spotlight!  

Space Station BBS  

Online since: 10/01/07  

Operator: Spacenut and Teddybear  


Nodes: 10, Users: 500, Doors: 62  

Download: 550000 files in 276 directories of 1410065407MB total space  

Messages: 690000 messages in 600 sub-boards  

Networks: Dovenet [], Fidonet [1:322/759],  

Gatornet [69:371/1], JustaXnet [510:201/1],  

Micronet [618:100/12], Sysop Tech Net [111:4978/201],  

and League10 [10:10/49]  

Terminal: ansi and tty  

telnet:// Worcester,ma  


Home to Interbbs League 371 , Part of Gatornet  

We have lots of files , games and messages for  

you enjoyment. Home to Fidonet Net322  

Why not give us a call today  

we are up 24 hours a day full access on 1st call  

Space Station Main Screen

Space Station Main Screen

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Just a good ol boy :)
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