Gameland BBS – Marshfield, Mo.

This week I will be putting the Gameland BBS in the spotlight!

Online since: 02/10/99

Operator: Swampy and smokebomb


Nodes: 12, Users: 768, Doors: 127

Download: 368 files in 25 directories of 340000000MB total space

Messages: 18276 messages in 50 sub-boards

Networks: DoveNet, FidoNet [1:284/47], and HellNet [444:417/1]

Terminal: AnSi, tty, rip, and None

telnet:// Marshfield, Mo.



Many registered doors and more to come. Registered

TW2002, LORD, 3Shuffles, Word Blast, Classic Sol and

Meldon, Imperium, TEOS, Exitilus, Mechwars …….

Arrowbridge 1 & 2 Deathmasters, Clans and more!

Many interbbs games!

About Tom Huff

Just a good ol boy :)
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