The Change OSP – Home Of The Change Online Service Provider – Sliedrecht – Holland

 This week I will be putting the The Change OSP BBS in the spotlight!

The Change OSP


Welcome at The Change OSP / BBS

The Change OSP is a Old Style Telnet only Bulletin Board Located in Sliedrecht – Holland

Now with EleWEB to bring most functions of the bbs to the web

For the games like barren realms elite, falcons eye etc., just telnet to

Also a growing filebase regarding Bbses, Windows, Palmos, Adult etc.

and off course some nice networks like FidoNet, Micronet and SciNet.

Just remember, REAL NAME registration will lift a lot of restricitions and is needed and required for full access to the Board

REAL NAME ONLY and handle allowed….

Its not so hard to understand i think, You are logging into a bbs. I would like to know who my users are…the personal touch you could say 🙂

–== Fake Name is deletion of your account. ==–

I hope you enjoy your stay….

Why Not Telnet In And Play Some Online Games

via The Change OSP – Home Of The Change Online Service Provider.

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