Santronics Software, Inc. – For Immediate Release:

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For Immediate Release: 

Homestead, FL, September 1, 2010 – Santronics Software, Inc. makers of advanced electronic mail, anti-spam technology, remote hosting internet client/server applications, and the leading provider of secured, dialup online systems, announces the immediate availability of Wildcat!
Interactive Net Server, version 6.3.453.4. 

Wildcat! v6.3 (Build 453.4) is a plug and play update, available now with a current or new AUP subscription. A detailed summary of the update is available at:

Major highlights of this update include: 

o New remote mail host and enhanced smart hosting with support for TLS, ESMTP Authentication outbound sessions. 

o Running Multiple WCSMTP (on different machines) to help better scale and load balance large outbound mail operations. 

o Support for the standard DSN (Delivery Status Notification) formatted messages. 

o New Wildcat! Template Macros 

o Better prepared the mail system for DKIM operations to be added in new version of Wildcat! 

o Improved Wildcat! NT services plus other enhancements and modifications. 

Please view the AUP history for complete breakdown. 

Wildcat! Interactive Net Server v6.3 is available in Community, Business and Enterprise Editions, starting at $249.00 for the standard Community Edition. Media upgrades and electronic auto updates are available from previous versions and can be purchased online or by calling our Sales Department. 

Santronics Software, Inc. 15600 SW 288 St, Suite 306, Homestead, FL 33033
     Orders: 800-845-6944, TEL: 305-248-3204, FAX: 305-248-0394
  Sales:, Support: 

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