fTelnet — A new flash telnet client

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Another Friday Night Special!

Announcing fTelnet by Rick Parrish of R&M Software

fTelnet, a new flash telnet client, has officially exited beta testing, but you’re still invited to do some additional testing here on this website if you’re interested.

A release archive is now also available if you’d like to do some testing on your own.

As you can see from some of the stock images (the logo, connect and save files buttons) I’m not so good with graphics, so if anyone out there would like to put something better together, please let me know!

New Build Uploaded

Posted by Rick on August 25th, 2010

A new release containing a few bugfixes was just uploaded. Rather than repeat all the changes, I’ll just point you to the Change Log!

As usual, you can download the latest version here.

New Build Uploaded

Posted by Rick on August 24th, 2010

A couple feature requests came in, so a new build of fTelnet is available. This release implements a custom ANSI escape sequence that will allow the BBS change the font codepage/size dynamically. Simply have it send ESC [ CP ; WIDTH ; HEIGHT Q, so for example to set CodePage 866 at 9×16, it would look like ESC[866;9;16Q (where ESC is byte 27 (or 1B in hex)). The code to handle incoming TAB characters was also fixed so it is position only, and not destructive. The code to handle outgoing TAB keypresses was also fixed so they’re actually sent, rather than having the focus move to the minimize button. A new Screen Capture option is available on the right-click context menu, allowing you to save the screen as a PNG. And lastly, incoming data is processed 1024 bytes at a time, so long/large ANSI screens will display and scroll correctly, rather than pause and just display the last screen of text (I’ll probably make the 1024 block size configurable in the future).

As usual, you can download the previous version here.

New Build Uploaded

Posted by Rick on August 23rd, 2010

OK, I guess the last build wasn’t the last for awhile, as I’ve just uploaded a new one already. This one adds one final font optimization to reduce the SWF size without sacrificing performance, but I can’t think of what else to do, so this should really be the last for awhile now.

As usual, you can download the previous version here.

New Build Uploaded

Posted by Rick on August 22nd, 2010

What may be the last build for awhile has been uploaded. This new build fixes an annoying problem I had with batch downloading (having to save each file individually) by saving the files in a single TAR file. Hopefully most users will have software to handle this file type. A Save File(s) button also now pops up with a download (batch or otherwise) has completed, making it that much simpler for a user to complete the

via fTelnet — A new flash telnet client.

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  2. I really want to know why you labeled this article, “fTelnet – A new
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    I adored it!Thanks a lot-Lyda

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