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Hermes BBS    

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Hermes II 3.5.10b3    

The first public beta version of Hermes II 3.5.10 is now available. This beta version includes the following new features:    

X-Modem, Y-Modem, and Z-Modem download support over TCP/IP.    

Support for Python-based externals written using the External Development System. (PowerPC only)    

Coming soon in the 3.5.10 beta cycle:    

Hermes Tracker: keeps your web-based BBS listing up-to-date by notifying the web site of any changes to your dynamic IP address.    

Z-Modem upload support.    

Download a copy of 3.5.10b3 and try it out on your BBS. Please remember that versions of Hermes II starting with 3.5.9 do not support external FidoNet mailers. See the readme file for the FidoNet external for more information.    

External Development System    

Developers can now use the Python-based External Development System to author games and utilities for the Hermes BBS. You can find documentation and sample code in the developer section of this site.Welcome!This web site is the home of the Hermes BBS package. Hermes is now in its 18th year and is still going strong! Hermes is free software; click here to download a copy and try it out.    

Hermes BBSsOlympus    

Olympus is the official support BBS for the Hermes software.    

BBS List    

There are many Hermes BBSs around the world. Click here to see the latest BBS list.    


You can find Michael Alyn Miller’s other products and consulting services at    

Copyright © 1998-2006 Michael Alyn Miller. All rights reserved.    

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3 Responses to

  1. Frank Rauhuff says:

    I used to love using hermes bbs! When I was growing up I wanted a mac for this very reason just so I could run a hermes bbs system.. I don’t know what made me like it so much I just felt drawn to it. I am glad to see it still in development!

    • Tom Huff says:

      well it is never to late to buy that Mac and download HermesBBS!
      Go for it lol!

      • Frank Rauhuff says:

        Lol, if only I could afford one :(. I used to need a pc because I needed it for one specific program but not that isn’t the case anymore, So have seriously thought about getting a mac.

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