Armageddon BBS

 A R M A G E D D O N  B B S              

First opened to the public in late 1993, we re-opened our doors in Sep 2008. We offer our visitors many old Mac BBS apps and Christian files too. We are also a member of the FidoNet BBS network. Our node number is: 1:345/3777.0.
Static IP:

 Num Nodes: 4 currently Users : 308 Currently              

via Message: Armageddon BBS 09-25-10.              

Running on a MAC G4-Mini Tower
using Hermes II MAC BBS Software. 

Endtime Prophecy Net is the online ministry of Christian evangelist and writer the WordWeaver, who has devoted the past forty years of his life to sharing the Message of Salvation, and God’s prophetic Word, with the world.  As our name implies, Endtime Prophecy Net is dedicated to the study of Endtime prophetic events.  We emphasize watching for the fulfillment of such Endtime events as the appearance of the Antichrist; the Battle of Armageddon; the 666, (a.k.a. Mark of the Beast); the Great Tribulation; the Rapture; the destruction of Babylon the Great; the rise of the Beast and the False Prophet; the Second Coming of Christ; the Rapture of the Saints; the 7-year Holy Covenant; the construction of the Jewish temple; the renewal of the Daily Sacrifice; the Abomination of Desolation; the rise of the two Sackcloth Witnesses; the coming Millennium and other events described in the Book of Revelation, or Apocalypse, and other books of the Holy Bible.  Do not doubt! Prophecy is being fulfilled, and we are living in the Endtime! The Antichrist may be alive today! The Battle of Armageddon is drawing closer in the Middle East! It is only a matter of time before the Beast implements his Mark of the Beast / 666 credit system with help from the False Prophet, and many will then experience Great Tribulation before the Rapture event occurs! Babylon the Great will likewise burn! Even now the Jews wait to rebuild their temple so that they can resume the Daily Sacrifice. The Holy Covenant will make it possible. This is not fiction; the events described in the Book of Revelation are fact! Jesus Christ is coming for His children, and He will lead us into the Millennium! Are you ready for these Endtime events of the Apocalypse, or will you be left behind?   



Armageddon BBS Intro

Armageddon BBS Intro


If you are interested in learning more about the history of
my BBS , you will find plenty of historical information in an article I wrote back
in 1997 — and just updated today — at the following URL:

About Tom Huff

Just a good ol boy :)
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6 Responses to Armageddon BBS

  1. WordWeaver says:

    Hello Tom. Just a note to let you know that the Armageddon BBS is back online once again. In fact, now it even has its own official web page as well. If you are interested, the web page is at You can likewise telnet to that same domain name by clicking on the top image on that page. Or, you can telnet to It sure would be nice if more people took a renewed interest in BBSing.

  2. WordWeaver says:

    Hey, I am the last of a dying breed . . . not just BBS SysOps in general, but Macintosh BBS SysOps in particular. I have yet to find another Macintosh-based, Macintosh-oriented BBS, aside from Armageddon BBS.

    I’ve been trying to renew some folks’ interest in 1980s and early 1990s BBSing, but let me tell you, my friend, it is an uphill battle. It seems that everyone is enamoured with the glitz of the World Wide Web, and I guess that I can’t say that I blame them.

    However, for me at least, and no doubt for a certain number of other people my age, old-style BBSing still has a certain charm and appeal, even with its intentionally garish PC-ANSI graphics.

    So why let BBSing go quietly into the night without a whimper, I ask. Nay! Battle on! 🙂

    • Tom Huff says:

      I have been thinking about making an app to get onto a bbs

      • WordWeaver says:

        I don’t quite follow you. What do you mean? Most modern operating systems have a built-in telnet client/terminal. With Mac OS X, it is the, although making some adjustments to its settings improves the user’s BBSing experience. I offer such instructions on my Armageddon BBS website.

        And with Windows, it is my understanding that in recent versions of the OS, Microsoft removed the telnet client. However, I was told the other day that it is very easy to reinstall using the command line.

        Aside from the built-in telnet/terminal apps which are included with the major OSes, there are piles of third party telnet clients as well; so again, I don’t quite follow you.

        Or are you referring to something that will allow your blog visitors to telnet to different BBSes from here on your blog?

  3. WordWeaver says:

    Hello again Tom. It has been a great while.

    I just thought that I’d let you and your blog visitors know that the Armageddon BBS is still alive and kicking, and I continue to use the Hermes II BBS software.

    The details are still pretty much the same:

    Armageddon BBS website:

    Telnet to the actual Armageddon BBS at any of these:

    Use the standard telnet port 23

    On a related note, being as it is also a type of BBS — albeit with a Mac GUI — let me also mention that the “Armageddon RETRO Server” — which is a Mac-centric Hotline server which began during the late 1990s — has also been back online for maybe a year now. Here are its details:

    Armageddon RETRO Server – (the above domains may also work)

    Use the default Hotline port of 5500 to log on to the server.

    NOTE: Don’t enter a login name or password in the “Connect” window.

    If you need a Hotline client, there are links for Mac Classic users, Mac OS X Intel users, and Windows users on the bottom of all pages of the Armageddon BBS website, as noted above.

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