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Another Friday Night Special! 

Telnet for the web? 

Yup. Try it out. 


For guest access enter “guest” as the username. 

Flashterm is an ANSI capable telnet terminal for the web written for the Adobe Flash Player plugin developed by Peter Nitsch. The client is based off the AS3ANSI open source library, and is completely FREE for download. 

Flashterm is currently in OPEN BETA. Use it at your own risk. If you’d like to report bugs or help in the project, please subscribe to the mailing list by emailing flashterm-subscribe@enthralbbs.com with the subject SUBSCRIBE FLASHTERM or following this link. Alternatively, you can join the flashterm discussion sub on the bbs-scene.org news server (bbs-scene.org.flashterm#. 

Download current version #0.7.1) 

© 2009 Flashterm 


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I run this on my BBS, works great! 

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2 Responses to flashterm – Telnet for the web

  1. greg urbano says:

    great find! very usefull for windows 7 users without telnet!

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