Cottonwood BBS

 This week I will be putting the The Cottonwood BBS in the spotlight!

Cottonwood Amiga BBS


Operating on All American BBS v12.6b

Running on a Commodore 64 with two 1571 disk drives.

Message bases, text files, file transfers, and online games!



Cottonwood BBS is best viewed on a real Commodore computer with a terminal program that supports Commodore Graphics (aka PETSCII). Alternatively, CGTERM is an excellent program for both PCs and Macs that emulates a real Commodore Graphic terminal program. However, the first time you call Cottonwood BBS, you need to be using an ASCII terminal program. This is because AABBS software switches to ASCII mode for the application process. So my advice for PC and Mac users is to call using a standard terminal program for your first call, then use CGTERM for all calls thereafter.

via Cottonwood BBS Informational Website.

hehe, I really enjoyed logging on to this BBS! I ran a BBS on an Amiga 1000, oh so many years ago!
Back in those days I ran TransAmiga BBS Software.

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4 Responses to Cottonwood BBS

  1. greg urbano says:

    still running on c64’s = “AweSome” !!

  2. After a little over 3 years of downtime, Cottonwood BBS is now back up and running! The software and the address has changed, but it’s still a great BBS. 🙂

    Check it out at the following Telnet address (port 23):

    Running on a real Commodore 64c with Color 64 v7.36 software!

  3. Larry Horton says:

    tried logging on… couldn’t get on….

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