Ohio Freenet



This week I will be putting The Ohio Freenet BBS in the spotlight!
OFN Message Gateway
Hosting these newsgroups: UseNet – FidoNet – FamilyNet – DoveNet – Microsoft
Services: NNTP, Telnet, Weather stats
BBS: Telnet to Tek1systems.com
Your system operator, sjohns, welcomes you to OFN Message Gateway:
a Tek1systems Bulletin Board System (BBS) and free public internet message groups portal
Discover the other services of the Internet-

Internet message newsgroups:[UseNet] – [FidoNet 1:226/410] – [DoveNet] – [FamilyNet 8:8/440] – [Microsoft]
Message groups: Astronomy – Physics – Computing & Networks – Religion & Theology – more
Astronomy newsgroups Physics newsgroups Computing technology newsgroups Religion & theology newsgroups
Access at: http://ohiofreenet.orgtelnet://tek1systems.com

——–= OFN News =——–
There is now the addition of astronomy USENET newsgroups. This is linked to my astronomy blog, astroblog.
Implementing an expansion of FIDONET: this is now Fidonet node 1:226/410 and the mail tosser is being configured. Currently pulling and offering Fido via NNTP, but the BinkD configuration continues. My feed from Eastern Star and the conferences are set up for your use. This is also a Familynet node 8:8/440. This system has just been installed on a new server: a Dell Precision workstation with dual Xeon processors and Windows 2003 Server R2. An second identical server has been installed and is to be clustered to this one to ensure greater fault tolerance. The second server is now the Sonic Music player: sign up and you can access, via web browser, my 5GB music library – ’80’s, 90’s music for all. Enjoy your stay…
About OFN… A non-profit information service. OFN provides newsgroups – the origional UseNet internet newsgroup service now commonly known as Google Groups as Google’s UseNet is very popular. Since 1980, UseNet is a woldwide distributed internet discussion system. Before the creation of the world wide web in 1993, Usenet newsgroups were the way of electronic commerce on the internet – one could post description of items for sale, and one would respond to the post. Usenet is still used: job postings, hobby discussion, advertisements (a lot of SPAM unfortunatly), and any other subject is discussed in Usenet.
– Steve Johns, system operator
——–= Ohio Links =——–
Ohio.govOhio Dept of EducationOhiojobs.comState of Ohio jobsWikipedia: Ohio

Besides UseNet, there exist other discussion networks, called echo networks, that provide the same thing although most of them are targeted towards a single area such as science, gaming, computers, or religion. OFN hosts a few of these also: FamilyNet, DoveNet, and others are soon to be integrated into OFN.

Fidonet is another origional newgroup service that was begun in the early 1980’s via Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) that were the means of internet access at the time. It was founded by Tom Jennings in San Francisco, California and grew to consist of thousands of networked BBS’ today. OFN has joined this network as node #1:226/410 and our Fido feed is getting bigger by the day.

Besides newsgroups, OFN is actually a large BBS (the origin of most Internet Service Providers); and also provides telnet access to message groups as well as weather, other BBS’, public university systems, and legacy text-based games. OFN’s telnet service is available at telnet://tek1systems.com – use a command prompt or telnet client to access.


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