The Explorer BBS –

This week I will be putting the The Explorer BBS in the spotlight!

Sysop: Devin Somerton
Telenet: explorer.dns2go
Justanet: 510:204/0
Hellnet: 444:919/2
TG-Net: 42:919/0
Ponynet: 56:978/107
Battlenet: 169:3020/106
Xpresitnet: 782:330/100

The Explorer BBS is helping to bring back the lost world of BBS’ing. For many years BBS’s enabled the Hobbiest and business person to run a Business or just Entertainment from His or Her home from their personal computer with Little or no cost .

Using Just a Modem Users can dial up and get access to the BBS, But now its not economical to do now since theirs the Internet which pretty much Killed the BBS community.

But now BBS’s are using the Internet to make a comback using Telenet, using a special program you can connect to a local bbs through the internet without calling long distance. To help you get started you need a good active bbs list with over 500 telenettable BBS’s please download or click on this Link



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2 Responses to The Explorer BBS –

  1. says:

    i cant get a [telnet]connect on this site, did he go down recently?

  2. Tom Huff says:

    hmm, not sure. I can’t telnet in either.

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