*Square One BBS – Belmont, NC

Belmont, North Carolina

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*Square One BBS has nothing else all the other BBSs don’t have. Except for Christian content And NO ADULT material.

A reading room full of scripture based information and guidance.
A daily Bible study guide to read the Bible in 365 days *Square One BBS is the BBS for beginners in Belmont, NC
SysOp: Bill Gordon
SysOps-need a place to discuss things voice to voice? Web-access online chat room. Available 24/7
Hostname: sq1bbs.com port: 3784 (requires Ventrilo 3.x) FidoNet 1:123/22 GatorNet 69:69/10 VirtualNet 1704000 JustaXNet 510:210/1 SpiffNet 316:316/9 ComputerNet 37:37/4 VADV-PHP VADV32 v3.7 VA210W32 IREX v2.31 telnet://www.sq1bbs.com http://www.sq1bbs.com/index.php Posted by VPost v1.7.081019 — Virtual Advanced Ver 2 for DOS * Origin: *Square One Christian BBS – sq1bbs.com – In God We Trust (1:123/22)

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1 Response to *Square One BBS – Belmont, NC

  1. greg urbano says:

    comforting to know to “entire” interent is not made up of porn!

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