The Holodeck BBS – Rochester Ny

Name: The Holodeck BBS
Birth: 24/04/04
Software: Synchronet Sysop: First Officer
Web-site: Location: Rochester Ny
Network: Fidonet Address: 1:2613/1381
Terminal: ansi Megs: 700 Msgs: 30000 Files: 2000
Nodes: 10 Users: 55 Subs: 200 Dirs: 20 Xtrns: 60Desc:
Old Style BBS with Friendly Local Msg areas, Fido Desc: and DoveNet.
Many Good and Registered Doors. O
Ld Desc: Time Radio shows in File area. Web, telnet, and Desc: nntp access.
Can log in and play games using Flash Desc: Term via web at
--- SBL2SMB 2.1.11-Win32 ■ Synchronet ■ :::The Holodeck BBS::: telnet://

About Tom Huff

Just a good ol boy :)
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5 Responses to The Holodeck BBS – Rochester Ny

  1. greg urbano says:

    nice synchonet login screen, ahh the good olde days!!

  2. Tom Huff says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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