Looking for something different in a bbs package? Give Enthral a try.

Saturday Night Special!
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bbs system for linux, bsd, and os x
Looking for something different in a bbs package? Give Enthral a try. 

Enthral is a modern bbs package that is written in C and compiles easily on
Linux, BSD and has pre built universal binaries for Apple’s 10.4 and 10.5
versions os OS X.

Enthral is still in alpha with new features being added daily. Take a look at
some of the things that are already offered:

* Forum Style Menu System using TEXT INI files instead of Binary data files.
* Full Lightbars, Optional Random Scrolling Text Commands.
* Matrix Login System
* Language File for Easy Editing of Basic Prompts.
* Basic MCI Codes for X/Y, New Line, Clear Screen, And Other Essential ones.
* Full Screen Mesasge Area Listing.
* Theme support for message viewer and editor.
* Full PIPE Color Code Support for Foreground and Background colors
* Dynamic data areas for things like on-the-fly oneliners and last callers.

Interested?  Visit us at http://enthralbbs.com or choose any of the following
methods of finding out more info.

IRC: #enthral on irc.bbs-scene.org
Scinet: SCINTHRL echo
Fidonet: ENTHRAL echo
Mailing Lists: http://lists.enthralbbs.com
BBS: HTC telnet://htc.enthralbbs.com or Hysteria telnet://hysteriabbs.com

Team Enthral

* Origin: * Net 250/SciNet/AmigaNet Mail Hub 100 * (1:250/100)


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