In The Spotlight!

Interested in checking out fully animated old school ANSI games with sound?
Come by and check out fully animated boxing in Top Rank Boxing.
Like card games? Check out fully animated Acey-Deucy.
There is also fully animated Drag Racing, Saratoga horse racing and more!

Stop by localyocalbbs.com and take a look. Easily accesible via telnet, or you
can use the ftelnet client, located at http://localyocalbbs.com.
All games are fully registered, so come on by and check out the quality ANSI
art work as well as quality play.
Weed Hopper
Local Yocal BBS
— Synchronet 3.14a-Win32 NewsLink 1.85
*  Local Yocal BBS – Clearwater, Fl – telnet://localyocalbbs.com


About Tom Huff

Just a good ol boy :)
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