Rocasa BBS

About Rocasa BBS

The Rocasa BBS is a system accessible as both a traditional Bulletin Board
System, via telnet, as well as via the Web. It currently has around 400 message
areas,  with the following areas of interest:
International, etc, general chat areas, including multi-lingual
Science Fiction  Space  Ham Radio
The Internet, including specific to HTML
Hardware, including modems
Operating Systems; including Dos, Windows, & Linux
Programming;  including C/C++, Pascal, & Basic
Fidonet related areas
Sysops’ Tech Net related echos

Basic User accounts here are free, but not anonymous…  To establish an
account;  you simply telnet to the BBS and log in as a new user, or you an
use a web browser to register  as a new user.  (Note that I require real
first and last names, & other information, for you to keep the account open…)

Once your account is active, you will have several ways of accessing the bbs
via the internet.  You can go to the login page, for access via a web browser
like Firefox., using the standard port 443, for secure access
via a web browser like Firefox.
Telnet to using the standard telnet SSL port 992.
SSH, to using port 22.  (user = bbbs, pw = bbs;  you then get
the BBS login)
Telnet to using the standard telnet port 23 (not recommended).

Guest access:  Read Only access to files & some conferences;userid=Anonymous Guest (Read Only);userid=Anonymous Guest (Read Only)

For FTN Mailer access to Rocasa BBS:
Telnet    : at port 23
Telnet-ssl: at port 992
BinkP     :, on the standard port 24554
phone     :  n/a, at this time

If you are looking for or are otherwise interested in an FTN feed,
as a node or a point, please contact me.

Robert J. Clay
Sysop, Rocasa BBS

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-=[ d a r k r e a l m s ]=- BBS

In the Spotlight!

плппм  плппм  плппм  мпл   л плппм  мплпппп плппм  мпл     плм   лм
л   л  л   л  л   л   л мп   л   л   л      л   л   л      л л л л л
л   л плпппл плплп   млмп   плплп   млмм   плпппл   л      л  л  л
л   л  л   л  л  пм п л л    л  пм п л      л   л   л      л     л
мпмммп мп  мп п    п  мп  пм п    п  мпмммм мп  мп  мпмммм мп    мп

* The alternative on-line community *

+1-905-279-6949 56kbps/8/N/1

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ALECO EXPERIENCE BBS – Prague, Czech Republic

Town Hall, Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

Image via Wikipedia

————————————————————————— —-

————————————————————————— —-
LOCATION         Prague, Czech Republic
SYSTEM           Synchronet 3.15a
SYSOP            Martin Ruzicka
FLAGS            ITN,XX,CM
HDD              Seagate    SATA 160GB
NETWORKS         FIDONET (2:423/120.10), DOVE-NET, USENET
MSG BASE         over 831694 Messages
FILE BASE        over   1664 Files
USERS                    258
BBS OPEN         NONSTOP, 10 Nodes – Full Time, Since 11/18/07
————————————————————————— —-
Specializet for oldies 8bit computers like ATARI, COMMODORE, Emulators and
————————————————————————— —-
— Synchronet 3.15a-Win32 NewsLink 1.92
*  Aleco Experience BBS – Prague, Czech Republic – telnet://

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=========================================================================== =
T H E   F L A M I N G   S T A R   B B S
=========================================================================== =

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 4 nodes to serve you.

Web: Telnet: telnet:// telnet://

We have over 140,000 messages online from 5 QWK/FTN message networks
such as:

DoveNet, FidoNet, FamilyNet, Xpresit, Micronet.

We have over 55,286 files for download totalling 8.0GB of file.

Would you like to play a game?  Below are a few of the games we have:

Legend of the Red Dragon(reg), Barren Realms Elite, Starship Galactica
Fresh Water Fishing, Digdroid, Gutter Bowl, TC-Yahtzee, Domain Poker
Door Mania, Family Feud, Planets: The Exploration Of Space(reg),
MegaSlots, and ZombieSlots with some League 618 IBBS Games.

Stop by and check us out.

Flaming Star BBS was started in 1993 by Philip and April Brown and ran until 1996. Our BBS used Spitfire BBS software using 1 phone line and had frequent callers who enjoyed the online games, our message networks (FidoNet, SFNet), and we had several CD’s online using a Pioneer 6 CD Changer.

After several years of not running a BBS, I began researching different BBS software and wanting to get away from dialup, I found a software package called Synchronet and began playing with it and quickly realized I had a BBS online.

Flaming Star BBS re-started in 2005 running Synchronet which includes a telnet, mail, ftp, and web server plus much more.

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(The Basilians – The Basilian Fathers – The Society of Saint Basil)


(S.S.B. – HOC-AJ – OCCA)
God, please help me love you

HOLY INNOCENTS ORTHODOX CHURCH BBS 1:396/40  700:100/0  777:100/0 Icons Theological Teaching & More
telnet:// ЬЬЬ

The measure of a man’s love for God depends on how deeply aware
he is of God’s love for him  –  Diadochus of Photice, Bishop.
Father Paul, S.S.B., Sysop

Web connections may access, use, and download The Bible, extensive
data bases and text, icons, woodcuts, participate in political and
social comments, and even access nominal legal material, all
without logging on to the BBS.

God’s Love,
Fr. Paul

Father Paul, S.S.B.
The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil
of the Holy Orthodox Church telnet://

.. God, Please help me love You

The FidoNet News Gate (Meridian, MSUSA)
The views of this user are strictly his or her own.

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New FidoNet logo
Image via Wikipedia

In The Spotlight!

TOPPERS BBS online 24 hours a day. 7 days a week

10,000 + Files          Games, Utils, BBs Related, Programing, and 1000’s more
60,000 + Messages       Fidonet, Dovenet, MapNET, NewsGroups, AcNET

League 10 and 104       BRE, FAL, Clans

Email Validation NOT required. Only if you want to send E-Mail and NetMail

Running Sunchronet BBS Software 3.15Beta under Windows XP Home. with 480gigs of
Hard Drive space.
–>> Full Playable Movies, MP3’s and Map’s for Novalogic Games. Lots of local
message areas too. <<
–>> Fidonet Files. Lots of new files coming in every day. Get Node List for
Fidonet, AcNET, and League 10 <<–

–> Full Web Site running Apache Web Server with PHP and ASP.NET 2.0. forums
Section avaiable <<-

ToppersbbS (Sysop) Topper Web Site
Toppers Home page
(NEW) Lots to do on my home page
Copyright – 2008 Toppers BBS

Synchronet 3.15a-Win32 NewsLink 1.92
Time Warp of the Future BBS – telnet://

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Capitol City Online BBS – Kentucky, USA

In the Spot Light!

Capitol City Online BBS
Located in Kentucky, USA
As Featured on NPR’sAll Things Considered
Online since 1988, & still running GT Power!!

F/K/A “Moe’s Tavern” (of Louisville, KY, USA)


Message networks include: FIDO, GT Power, MicroNet, ILink, DoveNet
Home of AutoSportsNet – news and discussion of the world of motorsports!

Registered Door games include: Colonies, Lost in Space, DoorMUD, Dogworld 2,
Way Freight, Godfather of Crime, LORD 2, TEOS, and TW2002!

Other Door games include: Casino Games, LORD, BRE, Jedi Knights,
Mudman, Nora, Meldon, Checkers, more!

NEW CALLERS now have AUTOMATIC access to most doors, after completing New User

NOW FEATURING the ANSI ART MUSEUM GALLERY!  A collection of ANSI screens from
the hey-day of BBSing!

— Synchronet 3.15a-Linux NewsLink 1.92-mlp
Capitol City Online – telnet:// – 502-875-8938

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FAMILYNET HQ BBS – Dallas Texas!

In the Spotlight!
This is an ad for the FAMILYNET HQ BBS in the Dallas Texas!
Fully Telnetable telnet://
Web Interface Available
news-server nntp:// 

FamilyNet International is incorporated as a Non-Profit corporation.

* FamilyNet International – The G rated Network that cares.

* Atari Support.
* Free Internet E-Mail address and mail for users!
* Home of the International Bible Conference (BIBLE).
* NOW!!! Over 280 Gig Online
* Now! Available – “Filtered” Internet Newsgroups!
* Multiline Operation (BBBS).
* Over 20,000 files with no download restrictions!
* Over 1000 Message Areas.
* Dial in
* Telnet out on the internet (for partners)!
* Extensive Christian Downloads/Message base areas.
* FTP access to downloads – see descript.ion file for details on files.
* Abled message bases and files.
* Crafting Conferences and message bases.
* Home Schooling Conferences
* Genealogy Conferences / File Areas.
* Spacebase/Space/UFO.
* Ham Radio Files and Message Bases.
* SurvivalNet file areas.
* OS2 Message bases / File Areas.
* Novell File Areas.
* Windows Message Bases / File Areas.
* Aviation Support / Message & File Areas.
* Amiga / Commodore Support.
* Full Commodore C64 and C128 Support. Message Bases and File Areas.
* TI-99 Support.
* Railroading Message Bases and files.
* Internet USENET groups (NNTP server available!!!)
* HUGE Sports Message Base selection.
* Over 1100 Download File Areas.

Call FamilyNet International Inc. Today!

(972) 496-0650 – V.34 33.6kbs

[For  more  information on FamilyNet International *THE* G rated network, FREQ
FMLYNET.ZIP from 1:124/5009 or 8:8/0] for affordable domain registartion, web hosting,
and tons of free extras!

— BBBS/NT v4.01 Flag-5
* Origin: FamilyNet Sponsored by (8:8/2)

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Looking for something different in a bbs package? Give Enthral a try.

Saturday Night Special!
.:..         __   __   …:.. .     __
.—–.—–.|  |_|  |–.—-.—.-.|  |
|  -__|     ||   _|     |   _|  _  ||  |
|_____|__|__||____|__|__|__| |___._||__|
bbs system for linux, bsd, and os x
Looking for something different in a bbs package? Give Enthral a try. 

Enthral is a modern bbs package that is written in C and compiles easily on
Linux, BSD and has pre built universal binaries for Apple’s 10.4 and 10.5
versions os OS X.

Enthral is still in alpha with new features being added daily. Take a look at
some of the things that are already offered:

* Forum Style Menu System using TEXT INI files instead of Binary data files.
* Full Lightbars, Optional Random Scrolling Text Commands.
* Matrix Login System
* Language File for Easy Editing of Basic Prompts.
* Basic MCI Codes for X/Y, New Line, Clear Screen, And Other Essential ones.
* Full Screen Mesasge Area Listing.
* Theme support for message viewer and editor.
* Full PIPE Color Code Support for Foreground and Background colors
* Dynamic data areas for things like on-the-fly oneliners and last callers.

Interested?  Visit us at or choose any of the following
methods of finding out more info.

IRC: #enthral on
Scinet: SCINTHRL echo
Fidonet: ENTHRAL echo
Mailing Lists:
BBS: HTC telnet:// or Hysteria telnet://

Team Enthral

* Origin: * Net 250/SciNet/AmigaNet Mail Hub 100 * (1:250/100)

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