My New Adventure!

Starting Wed July 14, 2010 I am kicking off a New Adventure!

I have decided to start blogging about how us Computer heads managed before the Internet existed! Yes, it is hard to believe that something came before the Internet as we know it today…but something did exist! It was called BBSing (Bulletin Board Systems). People dialed into local systems using a modem and a Telnet client and was able to join in message bases around the world (Fidonet, Dovenet, etc.), it would sometimes take a few days to a week to get a reply…but man was it worth it. You could also play simple text-based games against other members of the BBS and of course you could download files from the BBS if the SYSOP trusted you! (System Operator)
I will be Spotlighting a different (Still Running) BBS each and every Wed and I have set it up to post to my Facebook page in case any one is interested in following me down memory lane!

Every now and then I might throw in a Friday or Saturday Night Special!
So pay attention!

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