Tommys’ World BBS – Seminole FL

NOTICE: As of November 20 2010, Tommys’ World BBS will no longer be operational.
The wife and I have become full-time Motor home dwellers, and I no longer have control of the router. We will be going from camp ground to campgrounds. Sorry folks!

Remember Computers before the Internet? This is how it was Done in The Way Back Machine!
Of course back then, we used an actual Telnet Program, today we can use a Flash Terminal that emulates a Telnet session, don’t forget, back then you used your keyboard.
No Point & Click !
Message Bases, Fidonet and Dovenet

(These will open in a new window)
Flash Telnet Interface: Click Here

Web Interface Click Here

Telnet Interface Click Here

Tommys' World Main Menu


4 Responses to Tommys’ World BBS – Seminole FL

  1. Just stopped by. The BBS listed was down. We’re still developing Renegade BBS. I’ve had my bbs online since 1993. Come on over and check us out.

  2. greg urbano says:

    rip tommy’s world, you had a good run !
    hey tom found this info graphic you may want to use

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