NiteEyes BBS

Nite Eyes
Telnet to Nite Eyes BBS! – Click here: telnet://, or if you don’t see the link click the Nite Eyes logo above.Play Multiplayer Door Games, Play solitaire! Same solitaire game each day for users to compete against!We have monthly tournament games which users compete each month. These include all the solitaire games, gutterbowl, hangman, trivia, and bingo. We also have inter-bbs games in which we compete against other bbs’s. Join the old-time fun!
Registered Door Games

  • Ambrosia RPG v2.01
  • Ambrosia RPG v3.0
  • Ambrosia RPG v4.0
  • Arrow Bridge II
  • Barren Realms Elite V.988 (Inter-BBS! League 777)
  • Castle Rock Casino
  • Classic Solitaire
  • Dune Lord (I had to remove this due to RTE200, if anyone has a fix, let me know!)
  • Falcon’s Eye (Inter-BBS! League 10)
  • Falcon’s Eye (Inter-BBS! League 65)
  • Falcon’s Eye (Inter-BBS League 777)
  • Falcon’s Honor
  • Food Fight!
  • Forces of Darkness
  • Franchise Football (Fantasy Football by Scott Snella)
  • Global War
  • Gutter Bowl 2003
  • Boggle
  • Hangman
  • King (Queen) of the Board
  • Lord v4.06
  • Lord v4.06 (Other Places)
  • Lord ][
  • Lord ][: Amber Crystal
  • Pimp Wars
  • Pyramid 13
  • Quantum Jump Trivia Game
  • TAL- The Arcadian Legends (Inter-BBS League 777)
  • Tournament Trivia! (New Door Game, Registered 2003!)
  • Trade Wars 2002
  • Tri-Bingo
  • Usurper
  • Who Dun It? (Clue)


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