FAMILYNET HQ BBS – Dallas Texas!

In the Spotlight!
This is an ad for the FAMILYNET HQ BBS in the Dallas Texas!
Fully Telnetable telnet://
Web Interface Available
news-server nntp:// 

FamilyNet International is incorporated as a Non-Profit corporation.

* FamilyNet International – The G rated Network that cares.

* Atari Support.
* Free Internet E-Mail address and mail for users!
* Home of the International Bible Conference (BIBLE).
* NOW!!! Over 280 Gig Online
* Now! Available – “Filtered” Internet Newsgroups!
* Multiline Operation (BBBS).
* Over 20,000 files with no download restrictions!
* Over 1000 Message Areas.
* Dial in
* Telnet out on the internet (for partners)!
* Extensive Christian Downloads/Message base areas.
* FTP access to downloads – see descript.ion file for details on files.
* Abled message bases and files.
* Crafting Conferences and message bases.
* Home Schooling Conferences
* Genealogy Conferences / File Areas.
* Spacebase/Space/UFO.
* Ham Radio Files and Message Bases.
* SurvivalNet file areas.
* OS2 Message bases / File Areas.
* Novell File Areas.
* Windows Message Bases / File Areas.
* Aviation Support / Message & File Areas.
* Amiga / Commodore Support.
* Full Commodore C64 and C128 Support. Message Bases and File Areas.
* TI-99 Support.
* Railroading Message Bases and files.
* Internet USENET groups (NNTP server available!!!)
* HUGE Sports Message Base selection.
* Over 1100 Download File Areas.

Call FamilyNet International Inc. Today!

(972) 496-0650 – V.34 33.6kbs

[For  more  information on FamilyNet International *THE* G rated network, FREQ
FMLYNET.ZIP from 1:124/5009 or 8:8/0] for affordable domain registartion, web hosting,
and tons of free extras!

— BBBS/NT v4.01 Flag-5
* Origin: FamilyNet Sponsored by (8:8/2)

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1 Response to FAMILYNET HQ BBS – Dallas Texas!

  1. greg urbano says:

    atari support, gotta love it!

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