Convolution BBS – Macungie Pennsylvania

 This week I will be putting the The Convolution BBS in the spotlight!

Welcome to Convolution

Convolution Intro screen

Welcome to the Convolution Bulletin Board System (BBS). This BBS is an ANSI styled system reminesent of the original dial-up BBSs in the 1980s and 1990s. This BBS can be accessed via telnet and ssh. A popular ANSI telnet client for Windows is mTelnet. SyncTerm is also popular.

Convoultion was originally online 2004-2006, but it is newly back online January 2009. Here you can play numerous door games, visit message networks, chat with other members, and more. I’ve added a lot of “daily” content, such as daily trivia, neverending story, oneliners, etc. to give another reason to call every day. Of course, this can all be bypassed if you want to head straight to the games via fast logon.

Door game scores and news bulletins are viewable both on the BBS as well as this website.

How To Connect

Direct: telnet://

via Convolution BBS.

                      Convolution BBS
           14 interbbs league games (bre, fe, interlord, clans)
                          65 local games
        realtime door scores and instructions available via website
               alliancenet – commnet – dovenet – fidonet       
          ilink – scinet – xpresitnet – league 10 – league 77   
               battlenet (bre, fe 000,069,169,267,555,666)    


The history is that I used to run a BBS “back in the day” – Amplified BBS.  Of course, with the internet it went the way of the dinosaur.  I started Convolution up in 2004, but took it down in 2006 due to me moving every year.  However, now that I’m staying put, I started it back up again in January 2009.
Basically I run a game based BBS, but I have all the message nets that most people have.  I try to taylor the games around the people playing them – for example, if a bunch of people all want a certain version of Usurper with custom settings, I’ll ususally setup the game the way they want it.  Same with TW2002, etc.  We have very active BRE leagues on battlenet as well.
I’ve also written a custom website that near realtime compiles all the game scores and displays them, along with news, game instructions, and screenshots.  I also run the flashterm so that the bbs is available over the web.  I’ve got an RSS feed that people can subscribe to with news and updates. 
The hobby is starting to wane a bit, as most vintage tech goes as the people are getting older, but I’d like to try and keep this BBS running as long as possible.

Convolution BBS Main Menu



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